How can I be sure this isn’t scam?

Customs Clearance Ltd (CCL) is a customs brokerage, and approved by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to customs clear and release imports into the UK and European Union (EU). CCL is a company registered in England and Wales, registration number: 03719890. If you suspect you have received a scam notification please contact CCL and our team will be glad to check and verify the communication and confirm details for you.

Why do I have to pay an entry fee?

CCL is required to notify HMRC of each and every individual item imported into the UK, by submitting an entry on HMRC’s approved software using secure ISDN phone/information lines. There is an administrative charge for this process.

Why I am being charged duties and taxes by HMRC?

Imports from locations outside the EU attract duties and taxes. These are based on a harmonised tariff in force across the EU. Figures are variable dependent on item value and shipment origin. You can find further details on the HMRC website.

What will happen after I pay the import charges?

Within the allocated payment period advised in your notification, your shipment will be customs cleared, released and passed to a courier for delivery to your designated destination.

What if I don’t want to pay the import charges?

If the import charges have not been paid within the allocated payment period, details of your consignment will be reported back to the e-retailer, who will issue further instructions to their contracted carrier and to CCL.

What if I don’t want my order?

You must contact the e-retailer from whom you ordered the goods and notify them of your decision. CCL cannot process any request for order cancellation or change as the sale agreement is between you and the e-retailer.

Why was I not told about the import charges when I ordered my goods?

E-retailers are responsible for their own sales and marketing communications. If you believe you were not advised of import charges you should contact the e-retailer from whom you ordered the goods.

What if I would like my goods to be returned?

If you decide to return your goods, you must contact the e-retailer and advise them directly. CCL cannot arrange for returns without instructions from the e-retailer and the carrier for your order.

Why has my package not been delivered?

Once payment of duties and taxes has been successfully processed, the local delivery timescale is normally between 3 and 5 working days – however this may vary depending on the shipping service applicable when you purchased your goods. If your package has not been delivered within the advised time period, you should contact your e-retailer and/or carrier, as they are responsible for the transportation and delivery of your order.

Why are import taxes charged on some of my orders, but not on others?

There are varied reasons why some orders attract taxes and others do not:

  • Shipping terms: You may have pre-paid the destination import charges when you paid for your goods. Please refer to the re-retailer’s statement of shipping service for information on whether the taxes were included in your payment or not.
  • Import Value: Regulations define the thresholds for payment of duties and taxes. The amounts due may vary depending on the nature and value of the goods.
  • Low Value Goods: Consignments of an intrinsic value (ie, excluding freight, insurance charges etc) not exceeding £15 are free of HMRC customs duties and VAT. However this low-value limit does not apply when the goods are subject to HMRC excise duties.
  • Medium Value Goods: Consignments to a single recipient with an intrinsic value (ie, excluding freight, insurance charges etc) greater than £15.00 but not exceeding £135.00 are free from HMRC duties but are subject to VAT at the rate applied by Parliament. Additional taxes will be applied when goods within this value band are subject to HMRC excise duties.
  • High Value Goods: Consignments with a commercial invoice which exceeds £135.00 are subject to HMRC duties and VAT, at rates defined by Parliament. Further taxes will be applied when goods within this value band are subject to HMRC excise duties.

What sort of items attract HMRC excise duty?

Items subject to HMRC excise duties which can be referred below as an indication but for full details please refer to HMRC websites.

  • Alcoholic Beverages (including wine and made wine, beer, cider and perry)
  • Alcoholic Spirits
  • Low Alcohol Beverages
  • Imported Composite Goods Containing Alcohol
  • Tobacco Products
  • Hydrocarbon Oils
  • Imported Composite Goods Containing Mineral Oils
  • Climate Change Levy Goods
  • Biofuels